WHITE ENERGY COMPANY LIMITED (WEC) would like to offer you a front row seat at our presentation titled “Bayan JV”. Conveniently, you don’t have to leave your home or office to attend.
The presentation details are as follows;

  • Bayan JV
  • Presented by Mr John Atkinson, MD
  • 28 September 2006
  • 12:00pm AEST

At http://www.brr.com.au/event/WEC/2024/15462/wmp/vouusslo09
To listen, simply click on the Windows Media Player, QuickTime or MP3 icon.
Additionally, the presentation can be accessed at www.boardroomradio.com where it will also be archived for future ondemand listening – if you miss the live presentation, you can log on later to hear the news.
Boardroomradio also offers a free Podcast subscription, check the website for details.