Welcome to this Extraordinary Meeting of White Energy Company Limited. As you are aware the meeting has been called principally to complete the formalities around the allotment of shares relating to the recent $100 million capital raising exercise undertaken by the Company.
Before the formal business of the meeting begins, let me give you a brief update on progress at Tabang since the detailed presentation made to Shareholders at our Annual General Meeting held on 23 November. I am pleased to confirm that all core elements of PT Kaltim Supacoals BCB coal upgrading plant have now been trialled, are functional and able to produce upgraded coal at a capacity of approximately 300,000 tonnes per annum Services ancillary to the operation of the core elements of the plant, principally the dust extraction system, require upgrading in order to optimize production rates and product quality. Relatively straight forward engineering solutions have now been identified and are in the process of being implemented.