Managing Directors Report
As Shareholders are aware, over the last few years we have been transforming the Company into an operating business possessing the critical skills that are required to fully exploit the vast commercial potential of our unique, cleaner coal technology – the binderless coal briquetting process.
Building the Right Asset Base
The future of our business is reliant on building a strong ‘in‐house’ team that is equipped with the right skills that enable us to deliver the full suite of project lifecycle services: commercial and technical feasibility assessment; plant design and engineering plans; plant construction; plant commissioning; and operation of coal upgrading plants. Having these key skills internally enables us to control our intellectual property and develop a genuine global business that can deliver a project any where in the world.
Although our team utilises external contactors to physically build, operate and maintain BCB plants these services are always performed under the close supervision and guidance of White Energy personnel. This approach, coupled with a proprietary information technology system that supports all aspects of our business will enable us to control and manage a number of projects simultaneously in different countries.