White Energy Company Limited (ASX: WEC) and PT Bayan Resources Tbk. (IDX:BYAN) are pleased to announce that in line with their commissioning schedule, their joint venture company PT Kaltim Supacoal (KSC) is now producing upgraded clean coal briquettes at KSC’s 1 million tonne per annum Binderless Coal Briquetting plant (BCB Plant) in Tabang, Indonesia.
As previously advised, KSC has been commissioning the Tabang Facility for the last two months. This has involved the simultaneous commissioning of the BCB Plant and a 10 MW coal fired Power Station. In accordance with the commissioning schedule, yesterday the Plant operators ran all components of the BCB Plant under temporary power conditions, from the raw coal feeder breaker, to the drying column, to multiple briquetting units and finally to the product out‐loading bin. All processes operated to specification resulting in the BCB Plant producing its first run of upgraded coal.
The commissioning plan now moves to the next phase whereby KSC will operate the BCB Plant under temporary power on a continuous 24 hour basis for a number of days.
In relation to the 10 MW coal fired Power Station, the commissioning process is almost complete with final integration with the BCB Plant expected in the next few weeks. At that point, the total KSC coal upgrading Facility will be able to run at enhanced levels allowing for ramp up to full production as planned over the next few months.