White Energy also has the following additional areas of business focus:

  • Expansion of the BCB technology into new coal related applications
  • Identification of valuable mining tenements with natural resources and minerals or sub-bituminous coal reserves

Expansion of the BCB Technology

White Energy is currently undertaking research and development efforts to identify and pursue opportunities in expanding the application of the BCB technology.

Briquette Carbonisation

  • White Energy holds the exclusive worldwide marketing rights to the patented technology that seeks to upgrade low rank coal to a metallurgical coke using a carbonisation technology. Our research and development team has conducted lab tests and are in the process of further developing the technology.
  • The resultant product will be suitable for metallurgical applications such as ferroalloys.

Coking Coal

  • White Energy is developing a briquetting process for application to coking coals.
  • Research to date has shown promising results.