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Source: Gillette News-Record



A Rockville, Md., company has entered into a land lease agreement with Buckskin Mine to build an $80 million clean coal facility in the Powder River Basin.

White Energy Coal North America, a subsidiary of Australia-based White Energy Company Limited, expects to get the plant operational in the spring of 2010. It will use patented technology to upgrade the coal that is bought from Buckskin Mining Company.

The plant’s annual output will be about 1.1 million tons of coal briquettes. That will translate to about 22.6 trillion British thermal units, according to a press release.

The binderless coal briquetting process involves crushing the coal, drying it and making it into briquettes. The end result is a higher energy content product that maintains low sulphur and ash characteristics.

Buckskin Mine is north of Gillette and has been in operation since 1981.