The U.S. is the world’s second largest coal producer after China.

The U.S. has enough recoverable coal to last approximately 200-250 years with a known reserve that represents 26% of the entire world’s coal supply (

Coal will continue to play an important part in America’s future energy mix and is a key fuel which seeks to promote the United States’ energy

The U.S. has two vast reserves of coal; the Western Coal and Eastern Coal regions. In the Western Region, the Powder River Basin is the largest sub-bituminous coal-producing region in the world and contains 40% of the U.S.’s proven coal reserve. The coal in this region has a lower energy content, however the coal seam is extraordinarily thick, and contains a low ash and low sulphur product which makes the region appropriate for White Energy’s BCB technology.

The U.S. is recognised as a world leader in innovation and identifying and incubating new technologies that can be leveraged in the energy sector. Coal technologies, such as the BCB technology, represent a significant step towards achieving a low carbon future and will assist to mitigate the challenges associated with reducing the importation of foreign sources of energy.