White Energy’s Cessnock Demonstration Plant continues to operate as a key testing and training facility for the Company. The Demonstration Plant and a smaller Pilot Plant located on site are critical to the ongoing development of the BCB technology.

The Cessnock Demonstration Plant

The Cessnock Demonstration Plant


The Cessnock facility enables the Company to test the responsiveness of different coal samples sourced from various locations around the world, to the BCB process.

The Demonstration Plant, which was originally designed to process sub-bituminous coal samples, has the flexibility to process coal fines samples following a capital upgrade in 2012. This enables the Company to showcase the BCB technology to prospective customers and has been invaluable in crystallising the purchase of Mountainside Coal Company Inc. and advancing the opportunities currently under consideration in both South Africa and Indonesia.

Coal Sample Testing Report and Analysis

  • Evaluate different coal samples from around the world to ascertain the value of a potential reserve based on its responsiveness to the BCB Process;
  • Benchmark coal samples against performance criteria;
  • Assess ways to improve the current BCB Process and the ability to improve other coal grades.
MCC Upgraded Briquettes produced at the Cessnock Demonstration Plant

MCC Upgraded Briquettes produced at the Cessnock Demonstration Plant


Centre of Excellence

  • The Cessnock facility is utilised to ensure that there is sufficient training and accreditation for relevant employees;
  • Key engineering managers and project managers involved with the construction, commissioning and operating of the plant have worked on relevant processes at the Cessnock Plant prior to managing ‘live’ projects;
  • R&D centre to evaluate enhancements that can be tested and deployed to commercial plants;
  • R&D centre to identify new applications of the BCB technology that will be value creative to White Energy.