Coal fines represent a major environmental liability for coal producers and also carry a significant ongoing maintenance cost:

  1. Billions of tonnes of coal fines are stored in slurry ponds around the world.
  2. New arising fines continue to be generated at coal mines around the world, due to inefficiencies in coal processing methods.
  3. There is a significant ongoing cost for coal producers associated with the management of coal fines

White Energy has been able to leverage its patented and scalable technologies to beneficiate coal fines and create a high-valued saleable product that can enhance a mine’s revenues.
White Energy has identified a number of commercial opportunities associated with the deployment of the BCB technology to the briquetting of coal fines.

  1. White Energy plans to construct its first commercial BCB Plant for briquetting of coal fines at recently acquired Mountainside Coal Company in Kentucky (U.S.A.)
  2. South Africa continues to represent a significant short-term opportunity for the recovery and processing of coal fines where the various opportunities under active consideration in South Africa have been narrowed down into four (4) major projects on which management are currently focusing.