Advantages Description
Simple mechanical process The BCB technology uses a simple mechanical process. It does not require expensive binding agents to stabilise the upgraded product which would otherwise impact its combustion characteristics or marketability. The process is designed to work at the mine site to create a product with a controlled and consistent size and chemistry
Low upgrading costs The White Energy upgrading process has demonstrated an ability to convert low cost, low rank coals to bituminous quality thermal coal at a competitive price
Time to market The White Energy process possesses first mover advantage over potential competitors in the field of industrial scale clean coal upgrading
Modular system and deployment strategy White Energy’s technology is designed for deployment in modules that can process one million tonnes of upgraded coal per annum. This design allows the deployment to be staged on a module-by-module basis which minimises operating and financial risk, optimises capital management as well as allowing for geographic and site diversity
Flexible feedstock White Energy’s upgrading process is effective for both the upgrading of high moisture coals as well as high energy discard coal fines into a stable transportable briquette product
Broad geographic application Coals from around the world have been successfully upgraded using the BCB technology, including coals from Indonesia, China, the USA, South America, India, Africa and Russia
Integrate into coal gasification / poly-generation systems White Energy’s upgrading process produces an ideal feedstock that is suitable for integration into coal gasification / poly-generation systems.