Our Vision

White Energy’s vision is to become a major player in the production of cleaner and more efficient coal.

Our Mission

Our mission entails the deployment of our BCB technology through the construction of coal upgrading plants at strategic locations throughout the world that are situated at or near large low rank coal deposits and coal fines deposits, and marketing our upgraded coal as a premium product where applicable.

We aim to generate above average returns for our shareholders as we capture the opportunity driven by the convergence of technology and energy.

White Energy is the exclusive worldwide licensee of a patented technology which upgrades high moisture, low value sub-bituminous and lignite coals through a low cost process of dehydration and compaction. This technology is known as the BCB technology and was developed by a consortia lead by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

White Energy has more recently applied the BCB technology to the beneficiation of thermal and metallurgical coal fines. Coal fines represent a major environmental liability for coal producers and also carry a significant ongoing maintenance cost.

By leveraging its patented and scalable technologies to beneficiate coal fines, White Energy aims to produce a high-valued saleable product that can enhance a mine’s revenues.

White Energy is also focused on identifying good quality coal properties for acquisition, where the BCB technology can be utilised to add value to projects. It is expected that some of the resources currently under consideration by White Energy will not require application of the BCB technology, and can be mined and sold directly into export markets.

White Energy is a global operating business listed on the Australian Securities Exchange which is organised around two distinct but related business divisions: Coal Technology and Coal Mining, and has business operations in Australia, Indonesia, the United States, South Africa and China.